Saturday, April 30, 2016

Introducing Recovering Emma

neuroplasticity therapy

Our heart is to see our daughter with special needs reach her full potential.  

We want to see her live a life not limited by her diagnosis but in the fullness of all God has planned for her.

The word 'recover' means to return to a normal state of mind, health and strength. 

Emma's name means to be 'whole' and 'complete'.

This blog is a way we can keep a personal record of Emma's progress and offer encouragement and hope to other parents on similar journeys along with the therapists / teachers that support them.

The field of neuroplasticity reveals the brain has been designed in such a way that it can change and heal itself. There is hope. 

In my work in disability, I've seen neuroplasticity at work. I've seen children with autism recovered after being told their prognosis was life-long. I've also seen children improve way beyond expectation with the commitment and dedication of loving parents. I'm so thankful to know these amazing families and to have this insight. Sharing their journey has made my journey a little easier.

After years of research I have shared our 'recovery diet' on the page What we do.

Information I will blog about include:

  • Prayer & Faith

I trust that God is in control.  Whilst sickness and disability is not from him he is able in his sovereignty to "work all things together for good". Ultimately God gets the glory for Emma's healing and I'm in awe of the little miracles along the way, how he has comforted us in our grief, strengthened us in our weakness and lead me to discover the things that will help put her back together again. 

"With man, many things are impossible...but with God ALL things are possible"
 Matthew 19:26

  • Biomed / Natural Medicine

At a basic level, if we want brains to work we need to make sure they are getting the nutrition they need and not filling them with stuff that impairs function. Topics I'll write about include nutrition, GAPS, diet, supplements and alternative therapies that have worked for us.

  • Home based Therapy 

I plan to blog about our neurodevelopmental program and activities we do at home, music therapy, sensory diets, latest research with some home education information thrown in too.

I will also post videos so you can see what we do! 

If any of these topics interest you please subscribe to this blog or follow our recovering Emma facebook page.  

Thanks for your support as you journey with us! xo 

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